New York
New York, 10022

About Protocol Security Inc.

Protocol Security Inc. stands firm in our commitment to provide clients with the highest standard in personal protection. Today’s Executives and high-profile individuals are faced with unprecedented risks and threats requiring a greater level of personal security. Unfortunately, many of these individuals are under-protected for various reasons such as compromising their privacy and sheer inconvenience. This reluctant mindset creates unnecessary risks to the perspective client and possibly their family members. Allow us to remove the burden of compromising your privacy with providing discreet professional security.

Our initial meeting with the client we will address their primary needs and concerns and develop a comprehensive security analysis. Planning logistics and threat assessments will allow us to implement a customized security plan that is tailored to the individual. We believe that a layered security approach is the best defense against potential threats that may arise minimizing the risk while providing maximum protection to the Executive. To ensure our clients safety, our staff is comprised of former law enforcement and military personnel with extensive training and expertise in Dignitary protection.  We will utilize our vast experience in the security industry to provide exceptional service.  Choosing an inexperienced and unqualified security company is not an option for your personal safety.